General Terms of Use

The present General Terms of Use apply without limitation to all contracts concluded by Polis Lockers (hereinafter referred to as the “Service Provider”) with a buyer (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer”), on the website They specifically define the terms of reservation, payment, delivery and management of any returns of the Services ordered by the Customers.

Requirements before hiring

The Customer fully accepts the terms and conditions noting the framework provided for this purpose. Otherwise, it would be technically impossible to continue the hiring if the terms and conditions are not accepted. By selecting one or more lockers, the Customer tacitly acknowledges that he has received all the desired information regarding the nature and characteristics of this service.

The Customer certifies the sincerity and accuracy of all information communicated to Polis Lockers as part of the reservation and hereby agrees that Polis Lockers shall not be liable for any action or claim of third parties related to the illegal or fraudulent use of the Customer’s data in relation to the use of Services.


The customer is informed that they have no right of withdrawal, which is expressly refused in view of the specified service, and that the reservation is not refundable except in case of superior force.

Upper Aggravated Assault

As “force majeure” we mean an event as defined by applicable legal regulations, such as a physical destruction or a significant political event (war, etc.), which, under the circumstances, is unforeseeable and external and makes the performance of the contract impossible.

Economic terms

The services are provided with the applicable rates on the Provider’s website. The prices are expressed in euros. These prices are fixed and are not subject to review during the period of their validity, as stated on the website. However, the Service Provider reserves the right, after this period of validity, to change the prices at any time.

If the price cannot be logically calculated beforehand, the Provider assumes the obligation to provide the calculation of the price, and in case, there may be additional shipping, delivery or postal charges and any other possible expense. If these expenses cannot be logically calculated beforehand, the Service Provider informs the Client about what can be owed, according to the applicable legal regulations.

The prices include the applicable VAT on the day of the hire.

The payment of the wage is made with cash, debit and credit card at the reception of Polis Lockers. Any rejection of payment – whatever the cause – has as a result the final abandonment of the wage request. Polis Lockers will not be held responsible and the wage will not be registered.

Terms and General Usage and Retention of Service

Laptop rental limit per person up to 3 days. Renewal required after that.

-The minimum charge is the daily charge per locker size.

-Animals are prohibited in any City-Lockers space.

-Smoking is prohibited in the Polis Lockers spaces.

-Access is allowed to people over 18 and to children accompanied by an adult.

-Non-perishable goods are not stored.

-The size of the lockers is large, medium and small with clean dimensions a) 670 mm x 980 mm x 700m, b) 670 mm x 670 mm x 600 mm, c) 520 mm x 600 mm x 360 mm respectively.

It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure the size and weight of their luggage prior to any hiring.

No requests or refunds are accepted in the case of packages that do not conform to these dimensions and weights.

It is also the Client’s responsibility to ensure that:

-The door of the locker is closed upon exiting the Polis Lockers area.

-His luggage closes well (code, suitcase, etc.)

-If he deposits valuable items, he assumes the risk and Polis Lockers is not liable for any theft or compensation etc.

-There are no animals in the luggage.

-He left nothing in the locker when he left the storage space at Polis Lockers.

-It does not store firearms, narcotics, and generally any object or substance, whose possession and/or use, sale and purchase can put in danger the legal assets of Polis Lockers or of third parties and/or constitutes a criminal offence according to the provisions of the Greek Penal Code.

-Polis Lockers reserves the right, by superior force and at its discretion, to open any locker if requested and if it deems necessary to ensure the integrity of the space.

The Customer remains responsible for their own packing and contents.

It is the responsibility of the Customer not to leave any identity or travel documents inside the locker. The Customer acknowledges that he has taken all necessary precautions to prevent the loss of documents necessary for his trip in the locker. Otherwise, Polis Lockers can in no way be held responsible for the loss of the Customer’s documents.

For security reasons, any items or luggage that have been forgotten/found and not claimed will be kept in storage for 15 days under the supervision of Polis Lockers and then disposed of.

Visitors have the ability to enter and exit as many times as they wish within the operating hours of Polis Lockers, provided they have the appropriate payment. In case they encounter any problem, they can contact at (+30) 2311297000.

In case of a lost item being searched, all expenses will be charged to the customer and the corresponding amount will be paid in advance. The minimum amount is 40.00 €, plus the shipping costs, which are determined according to the weight, destination and type of shipment.

In no case can Polis Lockers be held responsible for damaged/lost luggage during shipment and for luggage that does not reach its destination.

Although all measures are used for the protection and security of the areas, Polis Lockers denies any responsibility in case of theft/intrusion/lost or damaged item.

Polis Lockers will take any action deemed necessary in case of misuse or damage of the means available to its customers.

Polis Lockers Responsibility

It is the Client’s responsibility to verify the final fee, the applicable contract, the accuracy of the information communicated, including the country code + mobile number.

No claims or returns will be accepted if the customer does not fill out the rental form correctly.

According to the law and without any additional payment, the Service Provider guarantees to restore any defect or damage, from design defect or performance of the Services based on the terms and conditions set forth in the Attachment General Terms of Sale.

To claim his rights, the Customer must inform the Service Provider in writing of any defects or non-conformities in the Services provided.

The Service Provider will return or correct (as far as possible) the services that are considered deficient as soon as possible after the Service Provider has established the deficiency. Refunds are made by crediting the Customer’s bank account.

The services provided through the Provider’s website comply with the regulations applicable in Greece and the European Union.

For questions about the service, the phone line is open from 08.00 to 22.00.

Various arrangements

Upper Violence

For the performance of the Service Provider’s obligations under these Terms and Conditions, the Provider shall not be liable for any delays or non-performance caused by any error or neglect on his part or in cases of force majeure as defined by applicable legal regulations.

There is no excuse.

The fact that one Party does not attribute to the other Party breach of its obligations under these General Terms and Conditions of Sale shall not be interpreted in the future as a waiver of such obligation.

Invalidation of an arrangement

In case it is determined that any part of these General Terms and Conditions is invalid, then the General Terms and Conditions become invalid as a whole, provided that the conflicting provision is to be examined under challenge of the general equilibrium of these terms. In case of cancellation of any of these General Terms of Sale, which are deemed not significant, the parties shall endeavour to negotiate an equivalent economic regulation.

Resolution of Differences

These Terms and Conditions are governed by Greek law.

It is written in Greek and English. In case of translations into one or more foreign languages, only the Greek and English text shall apply in case of disagreement.

The Customer is informed that in any case they can resort to any alternative dispute resolution method (mediation, for example) in the event of a disagreement. Disputes that may arise regarding the validity, interpretation, performance or non-performance, termination or interruption of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale shall, in particular, be subject to a dispute resolution and mediation process between the parties.

This process is confidential. The negotiation will take place in the presence of a sole mediator. The negotiation cannot be transferred beyond the period of one (1) month from the referral to the mediator. The expenses and fees of the mediation are borne equally by each party. In the event of lack of resolution through alternative dispute resolution methods, any dispute with respect to the existence, validity, interpretation, performance and fulfillment of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale (or any of their clauses) shall be exclusive competence of the competent courts of Thessaloniki in accordance with the terms of public law.

Customer Acceptance/Acknowledgement

The Customer acknowledges that he has been warned, in a readable and understandable manner, of the present Terms of Sale and all relevant information and elements, especially: (i) the essential characteristics of the service, depending on the communication medium used for said service, (ii) the price of the service and related expenses (delivery, for example) (Iii) the immediate execution of the contract, the date or period for which the provider undertakes to provide the service, (iv) information on the identity of the Provider, such as the mailing address, telephone number and its activities, if not related to the framework, v) information on legal and contractual guarantees and the way they are applied, vi) the functionality of the digital content and, where applicable, its interoperability, vii) the possibility of using mediation in the event of a dispute, (viii) information on the right of withdrawal (not applicable in this case), the costs of returning the Products (not applicable to the nature of the Service), the terms of termination and other important contractual terms.